The CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center Acquisition Management Office (AMO) manages two Consortium-Model Other Transaction Agreements valued at more than $2.5 billion dollars, available to all DOD Activities. In addition to managing these DOD-wide agreements, the AMO provides direct acquisition support and consultation for activities exploring the use of Other Transactions and other authorities for Science & Technology, Research & Development, Prototyping, Engineering, and Test activities. The CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center AMO's Acquisition Innovation Road Show (#AIRS) provides coaching, mentoring, training, and acquisition planning support to Department of Defense activities and acquisition professionals seeking best practices, lessons learned, and innovative strategies in Science and Technology procurement. Since 2016, #AIRS has provided expert training to more than 2,500 acquisition professionals from across DOD, as well as industry and academic partners from around the country.

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At the request of both Government and Industry partners, the CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center AMO has compiled and maintains a public listing of current and solicited DOD Consortia supported by Other Transaction Agreements for Prototype. The purpose of this document is to identify for Government what instruments are already in existence (or in process) and available for their use; and to identify for industry what consortia are established within their technology areas. The list is for information purposes only, and derived from public sources. In publishing this list, CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center does not endorse the use of any specific consortia identified. If DOD activities wish to supplement or provide corrections, they should contact the POCs identified within the document. Further, activities should understand that Consortia-Model Other Transactions are only one of an infinite array of potential OTA models. OTAs do not require consortia, nor do consortia require OTAs. The AMO recommends that agencies review the current DOD guidance on OTAs, which also addresses treatment of consortia.

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Detroit Drink & Think - Bath City Bistro, Mt. Clemens, MI

Join Defense Entrepreneurs Forum and the largest ever gathering of DoD OTA Organizations in one place for a night of Feather Bowling: a Belgian sport that could be described as a cross between bocce ball and shuffleboard. It is played using wooden discs or balls that resemble a wheel of cheese and are rolled from one end of a trough shaped lane to the other, with the object being to land the balls closest to a feather “planted” at each end of the lane.

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June 4, 5:30 PM
Innovation OuTreAch 2019 - Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) - Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC) Acquisition Management Office (AMO) has partnered with U.S. Army Contracting Command - Warren and the Macomb Regional PTAC to provide an Other Transaction Outreach for industry and government.

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June 5
GVSC Materials Flash-to-Bang Pitch Day July 17-18
GVSETS with APBI - Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI August 13-15


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